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Luggage Rack - Deluxe Hardwood Walnut Finish, w/o Backrest

Price: $22.60
Product Information 
This beautiful hardwood luggage rack is finished in an attractive and popular walnut stain. It's lustrous and shows off the wood grain very nicely. four 2 1/4" straps made of polypropylene adds all the strength and support you need. The construction of the luggage rack is 3/4" hardwood, and the hardware attaches from the inside to give the legs a clean and obstacle-free finish. This luggage rack does not have a back bumper, but is equipped with two support slats of 3/4" that are fitted lengthwise. For your guestrooms where you want an extra warm touch, this is the luggage rack.

Size: 20" H X 26"W X 19" D 
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